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Title Trying to Make a Difference: Online and blended higher education in Egypt
Author Christopher Hill - OBHE Associate, Associate Professor, The British University in Dubai


Deeply rooted in history. Marred by upheaval and unrest. The largest education system in the Middle East and North Africa. In need of reform. Egypt is a country of contradictions, challenges and opportunities. Recent events- the popular protests that ousted President Mubarak, the short-lived Morsi government and the present el-Sisi regime- have shaken the country, raising and dashing hopes at every turn, depending on your point of view.

Egypt’s higher education system exhibits no shortage of challenges- access, quality, funding and graduate outcomes. The country now has over a decade of experience working with forms of online learning. In 2017, what is the state-of-play in online learning, and what impact is it having on higher education?

Date 06/07/2017
Region(s) Africa
Countries Egypt
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) Online Learning

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