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Title Knowledge Creators or Knowledge Hijackers? Plagiarism in International Education
Author Christopher Hill - OBHE Associate, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, The British University in Dubai


Plagiarism is increasingly an issue of contention in higher education. As international programming continues to grow, this topic requires close attention. Key questions arise regarding the quality and transparency of teaching methods, standards and standardization of approach, expectations and explanations on the nature of knowledge creation and dissemination. The pressure of student recruitment, language capabilities and systemic capacity play a role in academia’s ability to ensure the integrity of its provision and output. Within the field of transnational education, these issues are more acute.

Date 26/01/2017
Region(s) Australia & Pacific Rim, Europe, Middle East & Gulf States, All Regions
Countries Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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