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Title Could a greater focus on employability and careers for international students benefit recruitment to UK higher education?
Author Carolyn Walker - Observatory Associate; Consultant in International Higher Education


It should come as no surprise that international students view employability and their future careers as highly important (as indeed do all students). A 2016 student engagement survey of 23,177 undergraduates at 29 UK institutions carried out by the UK’s Higher Education Academy remarks that “non-EU students come to study in the UK with a distinct career focus”. Employability ranked 7th out of 20 factors in terms of importance in a 2015 UK Higher Education Unit report, commissioned to examine the UK’s position with regard to the recruitment of international undergraduates to degrees.

So how do international students fare in this domain?

Date 20/12/2016
Region(s) Europe, All Regions
Countries United Kingdom, International

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