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Title Loyal to Whom? Canadian language school group now owns two recruitment agencies in South Korea
Author Richard Garrett - Director, OBHE


One of the main reasons education agents are valued is local market knowledge beyond the reach of university or college staff. But critics are skeptical of agents for essentially the same reason - outsourcing recruitment to third parties that tend to work for multiple institutions at once, are not necessarily subject to institutional standards and may be more focused on commission than student fit. But what if institution and agent become one and the same?

In November 2014, the Loyalist Group, a publicly-traded firm that runs a range of language schools and career colleges across Canada, announced it had acquired 100% of, the “largest South Korean based student recruitment agency”. This week, Loyalist added a second agency in South Korea- Kim Okran International Studies Centre.

Why has Loyalist made these moves? How common are language schools, or universities or colleges, that have acquired agents abroad? If the next stage in the education agent market is for tertiary education institutions and agents to come together, are the terms of the agent debate radically changed?

Date 16/01/2015
Region(s) Asia, North America
Countries South Korea, Canada
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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