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Title Debunking international student mobility myths
Author Vincenzo Raimo - PVC (Global Engagement), University of Reading


The focus, at least in the UK, of university internationalization strategies, has been on student mobility, usually the mobility of students in, and centered around income generation, but increasingly now also on the mobility of students out for periods of up to an academic year.

This focus on student mobility as the central tenant of internationalization is surprising in many ways, in part because internationalization is and should be about so much more than the worldwide traffic in students but also because the percentage of mobile students, while growing, remains a tiny fraction of the total number of students in higher education.

I have no doubt whatsoever about the benefits which can accrue to our students, to our universities and to our nations of student mobility, but if we are to make significant progress in the internationalization of our institutions then it is vital that we challenge some of the accepted assumptions in our new race to increase outward student mobility. This is why at the recent Westminster Higher Education Forum, ‘What’s next for the UK’s outward student mobility strategy?’, I took quite a different stance to the majority of speakers and presented what I described as 3 fallacies, now repeated here, in our assumptions about outward student mobility. Of course the list of fallacies could have been much longer …

Date 01/08/2016
Region(s) Europe, All Regions
Countries United Kingdom, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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