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Title Inverting the Model: Establishing a global campus at home
Author Rachael Merola - Senior Researcher, OBHE


Global engagement takes many forms in higher education, from massive online learning ventures to study abroad programs and branch campuses. In January 2015, the University of California, Berkeley publicized a fresh vision of what international collaboration could look like- the Berkeley Global Campus.

The campus, which is planned to open later this year though without a definite date, will engage in research and programming across a range of disciplines, initially for graduate students from the US and abroad. The plans reflect the University’s desire to build a global education hub at home, rather than exporting a Berkeley education to other countries.

What led UC Berkeley to develop this new model, and what are its parameters? What does the Berkeley Global Campus (BGC) hope to achieve, and how will it circumvent some of the problems that the international branch campus model has encountered? Might this type of collaboration be a fit for other top research universities around the world?

Date 06/02/2015
Region(s) North America, All Regions
Countries United States, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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