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Title Pushing Online Higher Education to the Next Stage: are “specializations” the answer?
Author Richard Garrett - Director, OBHE


If some vendor press releases are to be believed, online learning can do the seemingly impossible- provide top quality courses to huge numbers of students worldwide at low cost. Experience tells us things are not so simple. Most online higher education is confined to domestic markets, few universities have achieved true scale, and costs remain stubbornly high and opaque. But progress takes time. A recent announcement from Academic Partnerships, a US vendor best known for assisting US public universities with online programs, and with a long history of international ambition, suggests a refinement of the online elixir. The company’s “specializations”, collections of courses from partner universities, are positioned as a more realistic way to blow up the “iron triangle” of cost, access and quality.

What exactly are these “specializations”, and what are the delivery mode details? Which universities are involved, and why? And in the final analysis, is this effort really more innovation than hype?

Date 16/04/2015
Region(s) North America, Caribbean, Central & South America
Countries United States, Latin America and the Caribbean
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) Distance Education

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