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Title Digital badging, a few years in: Gaining traction or losing steam?
Author Rachael Merola - Senior Researcher, OBHE


In the past five years, digital badging has become increasingly used as a way to officially recognize informal learning or to capture aspects of education or skills that aren’t conveyed by traditional models of transcripts or degrees. As the possibilities of badging have been touted since its emergence, many higher education institutions have been keen to put its merits to the test.

While no comprehensive list of HEIs that have adopted badges currently exists, this article will look at some examples. What are the outcomes of some of these experimentations with digital badging? Have the purported benefits of badging been achieved? What evidence is there that demand for badging will continue, and what challenges hinder its widespread adoption?

Date 06/05/2015
Region(s) Australia & Pacific Rim, Europe, North America
Countries Australia, United Kingdom, United States
Theme(s) Technology

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