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* Online and distance learning in higher education in Scotland Carolyn Walker, OBHE Associate 06/04/2018 View Details
* The Search for Student Outcomes- The dawn of university rankings in the MENA region Richard Garrett, Director and Christopher Hill, Associate Professor 28/02/2018 View Details
Student Outcomes in Higher Education: A global review of definitions, data and performance - The OBHE 2018 Agenda Richard Garrett, Director 29/01/2018 View Details
Internationalisation of Indian Higher Education: A one-way traffic? Kriti Dagar, Doctoral Scholar 14/11/2017 View Details
* Online Higher Education in England: Explaining distance learning decline Richard Garrett, Director OBHE and Carolyn Walker, OBHE Associate, 25/10/2017 View Details
* Online higher education in South Korea: The cyber-universities 20 years on Richard Garrett, Director and Rachael Merola, Sr Researcher 02/10/2017 View Details
* Just a Delivery Mode? Online Higher Education in Mexico Rachael Merola 05/09/2017 View Details
Using online learning to internationalise the curriculum: CETYS University Case Study Rachael Merola 05/09/2017 View Details
* Trying to Make a Difference: Online and blended higher education in Egypt Christopher Hill 06/07/2017 View Details
Josep A Planell, President of the UOC, weighs in on the future of online higher education in Catalonia, Spain Rachael Merola 19/06/2017 View Details
* Battling the Great Recession: Online Higher Education in Spain Rachael Merola 15/06/2017 View Details
* MOOCs to the Rescue: Taking stock of 20 years of online higher education in Malaysia Doria Abdullah 11/05/2017 View Details
* Africa’s Online Journey: Online Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa Stephen Haggard 19/04/2017 View Details
* Too Much or Too Little? Online Higher Education in Saudi Arabia Christopher Hill 13/04/2017 View Details
* MOOCs GO, Online Degrees STOP- Online Higher Education in India Richard Garrett 07/04/2017 View Details
* Online Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates - An Observatory Analysis Christopher Hill 08/03/2017 View Details
The impact of the Brexit vote on foreign students studying in the UK Will Archer 08/03/2017 View Details
Local Community Attitude Towards Foreign Students - International Student Barometer 2016 Data Sheet Will Archer 08/03/2017 View Details
Perspectives and Prospects as long-awaited TNE Bill is approved in the Netherlands Rosa Becker 02/03/2017 View Details
* ‘Storms don’t last forever’ ? Malaysian public universities weather big budget cuts Doria Abdullah 28/02/2017 View Details