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Foreign Education Activity in Latin America and the Caribbean: Key Issues, Regulation and Impact Sylvie Didou Aupetit, Lisa Jokivirta 01/06/2007 View Details
Higher Education as a Global Commodity: The Perils and Promises for Developing Countries Rajani Naidoo 01/02/2007 View Details
A Framework for Quality Assurance in the Development and Delivery of Offshore Programmes in Languages other than English Angela Scarino, Jonathan Crichton, Leo Papademetre 01/12/2006 View Details
The International Branch Campus - Models and Trends Line Verbik, Cari Merkley 01/10/2006 View Details
Models and Types: Guidelines for Good Practice in Transnational Education Stephen Connelly, Jim Garton, Alan Olsen 01/09/2006 View Details
Sino-Foreign Joint Education Ventures: A National, Regional and Institutional Analysis Guoping Feng, Siyi Gong 01/08/2006 View Details
Student Voices in Borderless Higher Education: The Australian Experience Kerri-Lee D. Krause 01/06/2006 View Details
Apples to Apples: Guidelines for Comparative Evaluation of Proprietary and Open Educational Technology Systems Ken Udas, Michael Feldstein 01/05/2006 View Details
Foreign Education Providers in India: Mapping the Extent and Regulation Sudhanshu Bhushan 01/03/2006 View Details
Globalisation, Institutional Aspirations and Regulation: The Australian National Protocols Roger King 01/01/2006 View Details
Higher Education Crossing Borders in Francophone Africa, Part 2: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications Lisa Jokivirta 01/12/2005 View Details
Borderless, Offshore, Transnational and Crossborder Education: Definition and Data Dilemmas Jane Knight 01/11/2005 View Details
Higher Education Crossing Borders in Francophone Africa, Part 1: Opportunities, Challenges and Implications Lisa Jokivirta 01/11/2005 View Details
The Global Education Index 2005 Part 2: Public Companies – Relationships with Non-Profit Higher Education Richard Garrett 01/11/2005 View Details
Good Practice: Contract Negotiation for Transnational Higher Education Kathleen Kwan 01/09/2005 View Details
The Global Education Index 2005, Part 1: Public Companies – Share Price & Financial Results Richard Garrett 01/09/2005 View Details
Three 'Controversial' Virtual Universities: Lessons from the Australian Experience George Brown 01/08/2005 View Details
Fraudulent, Sub-Standard, Ambiguous: The Alternative Borderless Higher Education Richard Garrett 01/07/2005 View Details
Organise to Optimise: Organisational Change & Higher Education John Harris, John Tagg, Mike Howell 01/06/2005 View Details
Virtual Learning Environments: Practitioner Perspectives on Good Practice Clive Holtham, Nigel Courtney 01/05/2005 View Details