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* Internationalising Canadian Higher Education: Policies, Practices and Strategies for Success Sally-Ann Burnett 15/03/2009 View Details
* Higher Education by Distance: Opportunities and Challenges at National and International Levels Brian D. Denman 15/02/2009 View Details
* Global Research Collaboration: The UKIERI India-UK Initiative – Lessons from Practice for Sustainable International Partnerships Tim Gore 16/10/2008 View Details
* Joint and Double Degree Programmes: Vexing Questions and Issues Jane Knight 01/09/2008 View Details
* Borderless Higher Education ‘Down Under’: Quality Assurance of Australian Cross-Border Initiatives David Woodhouse, Antony Stella 01/07/2008 View Details
* Transnational Education in China: Key Challenges, Critical Issues, and Strategies for Success Robin Matross Helms 01/05/2008 View Details
* The Evolving Academic e-Learning Endeavour: The Impact of Using Technology in Learning and Teaching The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, WCET 01/04/2008 View Details
* Foreign-backed Universities: A Status Report on International Academic Affiliation Ute Lanzendorf 01/02/2008 View Details
* Social Software for Learning: What is it, why use it? Scott Leslie, Bruce Landon 01/01/2008 View Details
The Institution That Wasn't: The Institution That Wasn’t: The British National Health Service University Scott Taylor, Emma Bell, Irena Grugulis, John Storey 01/12/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part Six Kjersti Fløttum, Asuncion St. Clair, Pavel Zgaga 16/11/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part Five Barbara McFadden Allen, Anthony Welch, Zhang Zhen 09/11/2007 View Details
Online Learning in Universities: Selected Data from the 2006 Observatory Survey Rosa Becker, Lisa Jokivirta 01/11/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part Four William Brustein, Peter Cowhey 01/11/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part Three Susan L. Roberton, Kris Olds 19/10/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part Two David Watson, Ian Wei 26/09/2007 View Details
Realising the Global University: Part One David Pilsbury, Graham Spanier, Eric Thomas 12/09/2007 View Details
International Student Mobility: Patterns and Trends Line Verbik, Veronica Lasanowski 01/09/2007 View Details
Web 2.0 for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Tom Franklin, Mark van Harmelen 01/08/2007 View Details
Private Higher Education in India: Status and Prospects Pawan Agarwal 01/07/2007 View Details