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 MOOCs: What we have learned, emerging themes and what next

 Senate House, University of London

28 January 2014


   Tim Gore OBE, Director of Global Networks and Communities, University of London International Programmes



                      Dr William Lawton, Director of the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE)



                                           Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister for Universities & Science, 

                                              Department for Business, Innovation and Skills via video



                                                                    Because...MOOCs are fun



                                                           ...and also kind of intense.



                                                 Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor, UK Open University






                                                              Busy, buzzing, beautiful venue



                                                            ...and more questions.



                                                                            Break time



                                                                   Coffee and conversation



                                                Have you heard the one about the MOOC...



                                 David Lock, Director of International Projects, Leadership Foundation



                                          Session 2 - What we have learned: the pedagogic perspective



                           Professor Stephen Brown, Professor of Learning Technologies, De Montfort University



                                     Jon Harman, Learning Design, Technology & Innovation Consultant



                                 Professor Neil Morris, Chair of Educational Technology, University of Leeds



                                                                Session 3 - Emerging themes



                                                                          World Cafe hijinks...



                                                                  ...and more hijinks abound



                                                      Will Archer, Chief Executive, i-Graduate






                                                        Senate House - 'The Ministry of Truth'