Professor Philip Bradley

Dean of Academic Studies, Newcastle University Medicine (NUMed) Malaysia

Professor Philip Bradley was appointed Academic Dean of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia in April 2011 following three years as Director of Medical Studies in Newcastle University and 3 years before that as Sub-Dean for Teaching, Learning and Assessment. During this time he was heavily involved the introduction of the new case-based curriculum, the reorganisation of the assessment system and the introduction of the graduate-entry accelerated course. At a University level he was responsible for polices on plagiarism, lecture capture and for promoting the provision of flexible learning spaces for students.

He obtained a PhD at Birmingham University in 1977 following on from a B.Sc in Anatomical Sciences.  Postdoctoral research positions in Bristol and Cambridge were followed by appointment as a Lecturer in Anatomy at Newcastle University in 1979 and then promotion to Senior Lecturer in 1992 and Chair in 2011. He was head of the Department of Neurobiology for three years and was Director of the University Electron Microscopy Unit. 

As a teacher Dr Bradley has taught anatomy, microanatomy, cell biology and neuroscience on MBBS and BDS courses and has been a member of the Education Committee of the Anatomical Society.

He is author of Catch-up Biology for the Medical Sciences, an entry level textbook.