Professor Bob Craik

CEO Designate, Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Campus, Putrajaya

Professor Bob Craik is Vice-Principal (Malaysia) at Heriot-Watt University and Provost and CEO designate for the new Heriot-Watt University Malaysia campus. The new campus represents a ground breaking opportunity for Scotland's international university and an expansion of the established record of transnational education success.  Bob will be responsible for establishing and managing a new university Campus of some 4000 students in Putrajaya, Malaysia.  Students are to be recruited from Malaysia and international markets to a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, engineering, science, textiles and design and languages.

Bob was, until recently, Deputy Principal for Learning and Teaching, where he had specific responsibility for leading and implementing the learning and teaching strategy for the University and for academic quality assurance as well as a wider role in University management.

Before taking up these leadership responsibilities, Bob was a Professor in the School of the Built Environment where his main interests were in acoustics and vibration. He was head of the acoustics laboratory with a particular interest in developing theoretical models for predicting sound transmission in complex structures such as buildings, ships and aircraft.