Alan P France OBE

First Deputy Rector (Academic), Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Alan started as a teacher in a Further Education College after graduation and is now the 1st Deputy Rector at an International university in Uzbekistan, employed by the University of Westminster to lead the development of a new university modelled on the best of UK education but containing the spirit and character of an Uzbek institution.  Alan worked with his Uzbek colleagues to build what is regarded as the best example of UK/UZ collaboration (Alan was awarded an OBE in Jan 2011 for his contribution) and one of the best Universities in the region of Central Asia, able to compete with the best locally and internationally.  In between he was Dean of the Lancashire Business School, a Head of a Technological Consultancy company, a senior academic in a Polytechnic, a teacher and a researcher.  Blending a love for education with a manager's perspective and a teacher's desire to coach and develop colleagues, Alan has made a career in education and now specializes in capacity and capability-building projects in education, particularly in economies in transition.  His current mission is to ensure that the international community knows and understands the principles and successes of Westminster International University in Tashkent.