Dr Alan Brender

Associate Dean, Lakeland College Japan, Tokyo

Dr. Alan Brender started as an educator in the Peace Corps in Kenya and has taught in the US, Malaysia and Swaziland.  Over the years, Dr. Brender has followed dual careers as an academic and a journalist.   He holds a doctorate from Temple University and a Master's degree from Teacher's College, Columbia University. He has served as the Japan correspondent for the Chronicle of Higher Education and has written for numerous other diverse publications. Dr. Brender founded the Writing Center at Temple University Japan and headed the writing department there for 15 years before joining Lakeland College Japan campus as Associate Dean. As Associate Dean, Dr. Brender heads the academic programmes and administrative operations for Lakeland College Japan.  He is responsible for academic offerings and supervision of faculty, the day-to-day administrative operations of the campus and external relations with the Japanese government, the US embassy, the Fulbright Foundation and other universities and organisations in Japan.  He annually makes presentations about the current state of Japanese higher education to US university administrators visiting Japan on Fulbright grants. For several years he was the chair of the scholarship committee for the Foreign Correspondents Club in Japan.