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Ready or Not - The Role of Online & Blended Learning in HE
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Ready or Not - The Role of Online & Blended Learning in HE

11-12 December, London

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Whatever you call it- online, digital, virtual, e-learning- it has been a rough ride. In the 1990's, champions imagined a near-future of dramatically better access to higher education, a wealth of online learning resources and plummeting costs. All over the world, students would be able to enrol at the best universities, and all but the top institutions would perish. Reality proved a bit more complicated.

Twenty years on, bricks-and-mortar universities are very much alive, and most international students still travel, but it is undeniable that online learning is growing in popularity. Internet access has surged, bandwidth exploded and smartphones are ubiquitous. MOOCs, adaptive learning and AI-based student advising are the latest examples of online education. A growing number of traditional universities are partnering with the private sector to launch online degrees.

Is online higher education about to realise its promise?

The OBHE's 2017 Global Forum will reassess the potential of online and blended learning in higher education, to meet the needs of domestic and international students. Drawing on a unique series of country studies from around the world, this event is an opportunity to engage with the latest data, learn from experience, and consider new models and technologies.


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14 November 2017

Internationalisation of Indian Higher Education:
A one-way traffic?

Kriti Dagar, Doctoral Scholar,
National University of Educational Planning & Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi

Internationalisation has been a powerful and pervasive force in shaping higher education in India. Governments, international bodies and universities have created myriad programmes and frameworks to pave the way for internationalisation, though barriers remain- imbalance in student mobility, poor employment prospects for international students, and a resistance to broader forms of transnational education (TNE), to name a few.  While India may not emerge as a frontrunner in international education in the short-term, it may benefit from the level of internationalisation it has achieved thus far, focusing on knowledge spill overs, brain circulation, collaborative projects, and technology transfers gained from institutional partnerships.



25 October 2017

Online Higher Education in England -  
Explaining distance learning decline

Richard Garrett, Director, OBHE
Carolyn Walker, OBHE Associate;
Consultant in International HE; Former Academic Director at INTO

This article looks at the progress of online higher education in England. The main focus is online distance learning, but there is also discussion of blends between online and campus.

England is a special case, featuring a big distance learning footprint for both domestic students and international students offshore. The country encompasses one large specialist institution, the Open University (which operates throughout the UK), a large offshore distance provider, University of London International Programmes, and a growing number of conventional universities that offer online degrees. But what is surprising is that domestic distance enrolment is in decline, and is flat for transnational students. What is going on?

Our primary concern is England but some of the online initiatives and data discussed span the United Kingdom. Distance learning plays a role in Scottish and Welsh higher education but these are beyond the scope of this article.  While there are many organisations, public and private, offering online courses at various levels and for a range of purposes, the focus here is higher education institutions (HEIs). The vast majority of HEIs in England are required to report enrolment to HESA, the UK’s higher education statistics agency, but a few private providers are not.

Full article available for members.


2 October 2017

Online higher education in South Korea -
The cyber-universities 20 years on

Richard Garrett, Director, OBHE
Rachael Merola, Sr Researcher, OBHE

South Korea took an interest in online learning early on. As part of a wide-ranging Cyber Korea strategy in the 1990s, turning the country into the most wired nation in the world, the government encouraged universities to establish online or so-called cyber-universities. An emphasis on lifelong learning, to help the country cement its rapid economic rise, positioned cyber-universities as a way to reach working adults and experiment with new technology.

Today, Korea enjoys a particular combination of circumstances. Young adults boast the top tertiary education attainment rate in the OECD but live in a country where graduate unemployment is seen as too high. Korea is rapidly ageing. This means a surfeit of universities and worries about return on investment. At the same time, tens of thousands of Koreans still study abroad, and the government is trying to create a regional hub for foreign higher education institutions.

In a country with excess higher education capacity, where does online learning fit in? How have cyber-universities fared over the past twenty years?

Full article available for members.



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