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International Branch Campuses - Trends and Developments 2016
The OBHE & C-BERT of SUNY, Albany & Pennsylvania State University


Brain Gain:  Charting the impact and future of TNE
9-11 November 2016

IBCs - Trends & Developments 2016

By the OBHE with C-BERT of SUNY at Albany & Pennsylvania State University


This is the fifth report on international branch campuses (IBCs) from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education. It was produced in conjunction with the Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT) at the State University of New York at Albany and Pennsylvania State University. The Observatory and C-BERT are the world’s two leading authorities on international branch campuses.

The report provides analysis of one of the most topical developments in international higher education. It includes a full list of known IBCs in operation, along with data on year established, degrees and programs offered, and (where available) student numbers. It also lists all known IBCs currently in development and those recently closed. IBCs are discussed within a broader framework of cross-border higher education activity.

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8 March 2017

The impact of the Brexit vote on foreign students studying in the UK

Will Archer, Founder, i-graduate

All of us in the world of education will remember where we were the morning of 24th June 2016. The first email I received was from a colleague in the deep south of New South Wales.  The shock waves had travelled across the world and back while most Brits were still sleeping - some no doubt still dreaming of ever-closer union.

It was a proper vote with a proper turnout: more than 77% of the UK adult population had marked a cross in a box.  17,410,742 had voted to leave.  After hours of headshaking disbelief, the most highly educated (that’s most of us in this field) began to acknowledge the enormity of the decision.

Denial turned to anger at the stupidity of 52% of the electorate.  Then very slowly, over some weeks, recognition that the educated, the advantaged, the privileged and the worldly-wise had failed.  In two major ways.

Article and accompanying ISB Data Sheet are open access.


8 March 2017

Online Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates -
An Observatory Analysis

Dr Christopher Hill, OBHE Associate
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, The British University in Dubai

Over the past two decades, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made big investments in bricks-and-mortar institutions, including foreign branch campuses. Indeed, a physical campus is a prerequisite for any foreign provider to operate in the country. UAE has become the leading regional hub but very much premised on physical location and unique infrastructure. So is there any role for distance learning?

Full article available for members.


2 March 2017

Perspectives and Prospects as long-awaited TNE Bill is approved in the Netherlands

Rosa Becker, Senior Researcher, Netherlands organisation for internationalisation of education (Nuffic)

After two years in the making and a heated policy debate, the Dutch House of Representatives – the Lower House of Parliament – has passed a Bill that will further encourage international joint programme development and allow Dutch higher education institutions to start offering full Dutch degree programmes abroad. The Bill is now passed on for a vote in the Senate – the Upper House of Parliament – which has the right to accept or reject legislative proposals (but not to amend them). Pending Senate approval, an administrative decree is expected to be published in the summer, filling in the details and general conditions of the proposed legislation. This decree will be subject to a government vote as well (by a new government coalition, following general elections this March).

This article aims to give an overview of the main TNE (transnational education) points that the Bill covers, and to indicate the initial resistance around strong points of concern and the reasons the Bill has been approved. The concluding paragraph hints at prospects for Dutch TNE development. The Bill also covers other aspects in support of internationalisation of higher education, but TNE is a core focus.

This article reflects my personal views and does not reflect the opinions of Nuffic.





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International Branch Campuses
Trends & Developments 2016

by the OBHE & C-BERT

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