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2 October 2015

The UK’s Teaching Excellence Framework – political tool or effective means to enhance teaching and learning?

Carolyn Walker, Academic Director, INTO at the University of Exeter, Observatory Associate

On 1st July this year, Jo Johnson, the United Kingdom’s newly appointed Minister of State for Universities and Science in Prime Minister David Cameron’s post-May election Conservative government, gave his second speech on the subject of higher education, announcing a Green paper for the autumn. He was addressing Universities UK (UUK) – the organisation of the UK’s Vice-chancellors.

It would have come as no surprise that the main theme of his talk centred on a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for universities since it was in the Conservative party’s election manifesto. Mr Johnson’s agenda is to “stimulate a diverse HE market” and to increase competition in order to “drive up standards” and “value for money for students and taxpayers”. He assumed the point of view of the consumers of higher education, in other words students (who face some of the highest tuition fees in the world – in 2013 the average was £8,507 p.a) and employers, concluding that:

Those institutions that can demonstrate that they excel in teaching and in supporting all students – including those from disadvantaged backgrounds – through university into graduate jobs will reap rewards.”

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23 September 2015

Ambitious Higher Education Reform in Malaysia- iCGPA, graduate employment and the student development agenda

Doria Abdullah, Observatory Associate, Malaysia

Holistic student development is not a new idea in higher education, and “whole” student initiatives have been implemented globally (examples include the US, East Asia and the UK). Malaysia attempts to takes things one step further by proposing a system called the Integrated Cumulative Grade Point Average (iCGPA), with the objective of enhancing student outcomes in public higher education.

What is the rationale for the iCGPA, and will it work?

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18 September 2015

TNE in China: What students should look for when selecting a programme

Xiaozhou (Emily) Zhou, Observatory Associate
Lecturer, Shanghai International Studies University, China

In China transnational higher education (TNE) has expanded rapidly over the past two decades, if slowing more recently. More than 500 local universities and around 450,000 students (1.4% of all university students in China) are involved in almost 2,000 TNE programmes (official statistics in 2013).

While this extraordinary development has brought abundant benefits to China, it has also led to significant problems and widespread discussion and controversy. With 9.42 million secondary school graduates taking the annual College Entrance Examination (in Chinese “Gao Kao”) this year, what type of students tend to select or prefer TNE programmes and what are the concerns about this particular style of education? This article provides a synthesis of the crucial issues around TNE in China with a focus on to what extent these issues might affect potential students’ choices.

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