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17 August 2015

How to capitalise on the internationalisation of higher education? An overview of Magnet Cities and Global Leader Experiences

Andy Coxall, CEO, Common Purpose Student Experiences

The global market for higher education is flourishing – in 2012 at least four million students travelled overseas for their higher education and this number is set to double by 2020. How can universities, host cities and students get the most from this unprecedented co-location?

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10 August 2015

How to be a Great Online University? Troubles at Athabasca

Richard Garrett, Director, OBHE

There is something unexpected about an online university, feted as innovative and borderless, nearing insolvency amid provincial politics, public funding cuts and union contracts. But that is the situation facing Athabasca University, a more-or-less wholly distance institution in northern Alberta, Canada. How did Athabasca get into this mess, and what does it say about the state of distance learning?

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3 August 2015

IBCs and liberal arts education: Finding the formula for success proves difficult as Tisch Asia closes its doors

Rachael Merola, Senior Researcher, OBHE

In summer 2015, the New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia, based in Singapore, will officially close its doors, implementing plans to do so first announced in November 2012. The campus opened in 2007 and struggled with financial viability, student recruitment, and tumultuous leadership during its existence.

According to a statement on its website, “Despite its significant creative success, the Tisch Asia campus failed to become financially sustainable. In 2012, the decision was made to close the campus in summer 2015, thereby allowing all current students to obtain their degrees with a full complement of faculty.”

The decision to close came as a surprise to many of the 28 faculty and 158 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in 2012. It followed a rocky 2011 in which Tisch Asia’s founder and President Pari Shirazi was fired by NYU for alleged misuse of private funds and embezzlement-- charges that are being disputed in an on-going lawsuit.

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