Brain Gain:  Charting the impact and future of TNE
9-11 November 2016
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Brain Gain:  
Charting the impact and future of TNE

An OBHE Global Forum in partnership with:



Dinner: Wednesday 9th November
Global Forum: Thursday 10th & Friday 11th November

The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Our keynote speaker, Dato' Seri Haji Idris Jusoh, Minister of Higher Education in Malaysia, will explore Malaysia’s ambitious Higher Education Blueprint which lays out a programme of activity over a ten year period, with TNE in a leading role, to create an internationalised and globally competitive HE system.

What is the secret to TNE success? What is the evidence for impact, and how is impact defined? This global forum will take on these and other important questions.

Our themes include:

  • Impact of TNE: Who has the best track record on TNE in terms of development and impact? How should impact be defined? Which metrics best capture the TNE contribution?
  • TNE Operations: Which TNE delivery models work best in particular circumstances and contexts?
  • TNE Quality Assurance: How to regulate and support TNE to both safeguard quality and spur innovation?
  • Future of TNE: What will TNE look like tomorrow? How to get the most value from technology?



25 May 2016

Combatting Student Visa Fraud: Top Destination Countries Employ Diverse Strategies

Rachael Merola, OBHE

On April 5, a sting operation resulted in the arrests of 21 people in the US, charged with helping approximately 1,076 foreign nationals obtain student visas under fraudulent circumstances. The arrests were the culmination of a multi-year operation by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations in which a fake university, the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ), was created to lure unscrupulous agents.

This is the most recent example of visa fraud, in which foreign nationals apply for student visas, sometimes with the help of agents, under false pretenses, in order to obtain permission to enter the host country. Student visa fraud is a constant threat in countries that are popular destinations for international students such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

How prevalent is student visa fraud in these countries, and how do they combat fraud without sacrificing attractiveness as a study destination? What role do education providers play in aiding vs. ending visa fraud?

Full article available for members.


18 May 2016

International Branch Campuses: Case study of University of Reading in Malaysia

Part 1: The view from the home country

Carolyn Walker, OBHE Associate
Consultant in International HE
Former Academic Director, INTO

In this two part series, we will take a look at international branch campuses (IBCs) from two perspectives: the home and the host countries. Focussing on the UK’s University of Reading and the new Reading Malaysia branch campus, we will first examine the perceptions and impact of this type of internationalisation strategy in relation to the home institution. The second article will evaluate the development from the perspective of the host country and consider what light is thrown on the health of Malaysia’s private higher education sector, of which IBCs form a part.

Full article available for members.


11 May 2016

International branch campus series - Introduction and Part 1

Reflections from 8 years on an International Branch Campus

Christopher Hill, OBHE Associate
Associate Professor and Director Doctoral Training Centre, Faculty of Education, British University in Dubai – as of September 1st 2016

  • The Student Experience
  • Faculty: Research and Teaching
  • Administration and Staffing Issues
  • Host Nation: Accreditation and Regulation
  • Home Campus: Perception and Integration
  • Exchange and Knowledge Transfer

Part 1:  Students: “Same Same but Different”

Full article available for members.





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