Brain Gain:  Charting the impact and future of TNE
9-11 November 2016    Registration   Info & Call for papers

Brain Gain:  
Charting the impact and future of TNE

An OBHE Global Forum in partnership with:



Dinner: Wednesday 9th November
Global Forum: Thursday 10th & Friday 11th November

The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Global Forum Information and Call for Papers               Registration


Our keynote speaker, Dato' Seri Haji Idris Jusoh, Minister of Higher Education in Malaysia, will explore Malaysia’s ambitious Higher Education Blueprint which lays out a programme of activity over a ten year period, with TNE in a leading role, to create an internationalised and globally competitive HE system.

What is the secret to TNE success? What is the evidence for impact, and how is impact defined? This global forum will take on these and other important questions.

Our themes include:

  • Impact of TNE: Who has the best track record on TNE in terms of development and impact? How should impact be defined? Which metrics best capture the TNE contribution?
  • TNE Operations: Which TNE delivery models work best in particular circumstances and contexts?
  • TNE Quality Assurance: How to regulate and support TNE to both safeguard quality and spur innovation?
  • Future of TNE: What will TNE look like tomorrow? How to get the most value from technology?



22 April 2016

Would a British exit from the European Union damage UK higher education?

Carolyn Walker, Observatory Associate

On 23rd June this year, the British people will take part in a referendum to decide whether the UK should leave or remain as a member of the European Union (EU).  The referendum is being described as the most important political event in a generation – one which will have a massive effect on the lives of UK citizens for many years to come.  The UK Government is adamant  that the benefits of membership of the EU significantly outweigh the disadvantages, while those in favour of leaving believe that the EU imposes too many rules on trade, has allowed too many people from other countries into the UK, costs a lot of money and reduces national sovereignty.  

Arguments are raging on both sides, and it seems that opinions are fairly evenly split across the country. But what is at stake for higher education (HE)?

Full article available for members.


7 April 2016

China Announces “Double World Class” Scheme – is it a repetition of 985/211 or a breakthrough?

Xiaozhou (Emily) Zhou, Observatory Associate
Lecturer, Shanghai International Studies University, China

In November 2015, China’s Ministry of Education announced its “Double World Class” scheme for further developing higher education. “Double World Class” literally means world class university and world class field of study. It reflects the Ministry’s ambition that the best Chinese universities stand shoulder to shoulder with world’s best. A 5,000-word “Overall Plan” was published after two years of consideration at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and National Committee of Reform and Development. It sets out a number of objectives with clear deadlines yet rather ambiguous meanings.

Full article available for members.


24 March 2016

All TNE is not created equal: how International Branch Campuses stand out from the crowd

Rachael Merola, Senior Researcher

Full article available for members.






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