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Borderless Report, Issue 16
08 NOVEMBER 2013

Borderless Report, Issue 15
27 JUNE 2013

Borderless Report, Issue 14
24 JANUARY 2013


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Our research agenda focuses on topics that have current and future relevance to transnational higher education, and our reports provide in-depth analysis of the latest developments, trends and challenges in borderless higher education. By synthesising the latest international developments, the research reports assess their wider implications for higher education leaders and policy makers.

The Observatory publishes original in-house research reports on themes that challenge the 'traditional' boundaries of higher education, and particularly those expected to impact the core business of universities and colleges.

The Observatory also commissions internationally renowned authors to prepare substantive reports on key issues in borderless higher education with specific national, regional and/or international perspectives. The issues are both timely and provocative, challenging institutional leaders in their thinking and understanding of topics critical to strategic planning. Authors draw on their experience and expertise to provide insight into a wide diversity of international experience.

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In the News

Joint university entrance exam to commence in 2017, Macau Daily Times, 16 April 2014

Slow start for Indonesia-Croatia university cooperation,, 16 April 2014

No ducking the issue, let’s talk fees, Australian, 16 April 2014

Analysis - Behind Brazil's low unemployment, a quest for education, Reuters, 15 April 2014

Gov’t expands controversial e-rate, Tech Central (South Africa), 15 April 2014

High-level collaborations with China unis for Melbourne, The Age (Australia), 15 April 2014

Why aren't Chinese students at UK universities getting top degrees?, Guardian, 15 April 2014

FBI - Students Abroad Warned of Foreign Intelligence Threat, FBI Press Office, 14 April 2014

Exchange students lured home, News in English (Norway), 14 April 2014

Unis facing free-market thrust, Australian, 14 April 2014

Overseas students won’t solve education problems, Irish Times (Republic of Ireland), 14 April 2014

Less funding for tertiary institutions, Radio New Zealand, 14 April 2014





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Forthcoming Events


28-29 April 2014:  ICTEL 2014 - International Conference on Transnational Education and Learning, Paris, FRANCE

29 April - 1 May 2014:  The British Council's Going Global 2014: Inclusion, innovation, impact, Miami, Florida, USA

25-30 May 2014:  NAFSA Annual Conference 'Pathways to global competence', San Diego, California, USA

31 May - 2 June 2014:  The International Education Teaching and Learning Association's Conference on Innovative Learning-Scapes: e-Scapes, play-Scapes & more, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

4 June 2014:  Business Forums International, Overseas Student Visa Compliance Conference for Universities & Colleges - A Vital Annual Update, London, UK

10-12 June 2014:  European University Association and Partners' 2nd Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education (AECHE), Amman, JORDAN

11-14 June 2014: International Association of University Presidents XVII Triennial Conference 'Creating the future of higher education' - PROGRAMME, Yokohama, JAPAN

11-14 June 2014:  African Studies Association in Germany (VAD) conference on 'Future Africa - Global ideas and local strategies for the future: Perspectives on higher education and international collaboration in Africa and beyond', Bayreuth, GERMANY

15-17 June 2014:  ACA Annual Conference, 'Europe in the world - higher education developments across the globe', Bordeaux, FRANCE

16-18 June 2014:  ICED Conference 2014 - 'Educational Development in a Changing World', Stockholm, SWEDEN

7-9 July 2014:  The BUTEX Conference, University of East Anglia, UK

13-16 July 2014:  ACU's HR Management & PR Network Conference, 'Steering institutional strategy:  The critical roles of HR and PR', University of Glasgow, UK

3-5 August 2014:  Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Conference, 'Quality and equality - what does research tell us?', Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

27-30 August 2014:  EAIR 36th Annual Forum, 'Higher education diversity and excellence in society', Essen, GERMANY

8-10 September 2014: Consortium for Higher Education Researchers, 27th Annual CHER conference, 'Universities in transition: Shifting institutional and organisational boundaries', Rome, ITALY

16-19 September 2014:  26th Annual EAIE Conference 'Stepping into a new era', Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

29 September- 2 October 2014: Transnational Education and Learning Society's (TELS) International Conference on Transnational Education and Learning, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

7-10 October 2014:  Australian International Education Confereence 'Inventing the future'- PROGRAMME, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

21 October 2014:  Westminster Higher Education Forum seminar on 'MOOCs and technology-enhanced learning in HE: next steps and challenges', London, UK

23 October 2014:  Westminster Higher Education Forum seminar on 'The future of degree classification and accreditation - Higher Education Acheivement Reports latest and findings from the GPA pilot', London, UK

24-25 October 2014: Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Learning, 'Open resources, open courses:  Their impact on blended and online learning', Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, CANADA

24-26 October 2014:  World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics' World Congress 2014, Beijing, CHINA

10-11 November 2014:  UK NARIC Annual Conference, London, UK

10-12 November 2014:  2014 UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Nagoya, JAPAN

11-13 November 2014:  QS Apple, 'Building world-class universities for Asia-Pacific communities through global partnership and collaboration', Taipei, TAIWAN

18-22 November 2014: CBIE 2014, 'The diplomacy of knowledge and our common future', Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

19-21 November 2014:  Asia Pacific Educational Research Association (APERA) Conference, 'Managing global changes and educatino reforms: Asia and Pacific responses', Hong Kong, SAR

19-22 November 2014:  Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) 2014 conference, 'Breaking Barriers. Cost. Curriculum. Culture., Baltimore, Maryland, USA

4-7 December 2014:  American International Recruitment Council's (AIRC) Sixth Annual Conference, Miami, Florida, USA


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